Week 27: Independent: Frederick Duryee

For the week of July 2-8, the optional theme for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge is “Independent”.  I’ve chosen to highlight Frederick Duryee.  Frederick was a Private in the War for Independence.

My Week 26 submission focused on my 4th great grandmother Maria Duryea.  Frederick Duryee is Maria’s likely father, and I have briefly addressed why I am working under this supposition in that post.  If any reader has any additional information to either prove or disprove this theory I’d be eager to connect and share information.  This is a brick wall that I think I’ve found but a small crack to look through to see the other side. There are still a lot of questions about Frederick and his family.

Frederick Duryee was born on 8 Apr 1755 in Blawenburg, New Jersey. He was baptized on 11 May 1755 at New Brunswick Church in Blawenburg. New Jersey was not yet a state at the time of Frederick’s birth and baptism, therefore he was born in the territory known as British America.

As Frederick was growing up, the colonies were rebelling and making preparations for war. As he came of age the Congress was calling for troops.

IN THE following resolutions from the Journal of Congress, October 9th, 1775, is the first call on New Jersey for Continental troops:

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of New Jersey that they immediately raise, at the expense of the continent, two battalions, consisting of eight companies each, and each company of sixty-eight privates, officered with one captain, one lieutenant, one ensign, four serjeants, and four corporals.”That the privates be inlisted for one year, at the rate of five dollars per calendar month, liable to be discharged at any time on allowing them one month’s pay extraordinary.”That each of the privates be allowed, instead of a bounty, one felt hat, a pair of yarn stockings, and a pair of shoes: the men to find their own arms.”That the pay of the officers, for the present, be the same as that of the officers in the present Continental Army; and in case the pay of the officers in the army is augmented, the pay of the officers in these battalions shall, in like manner, be augmented from the time of their engaging in the service.”

Library of Congress digital file from color film copy transparency  http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3b52205

Library of Congress
digital file from color film copy transparency

Frederick served in the military as a Private in the American Revolution in 1775-1783 in New Jersey, United States. Records show he served in Middlesex, however, the exact dates of Frederick’s service are unknown.

Frederick married Charity (Geerity) Sutphen in about 1774. Their first 2 children were born in New Jersey.

Sometime after his service, Frederick and his family moved to New York. Their progression through New York is unclear, but it appears that they were in the Schenectady and Amsterdam area for a time before moving west to Cayuga county. Youngest daughter Maria was born in 1795, reportedly in Montgomery county; tax records place Frederick in the county in 1799.
Frederick paid taxes on real estate and personal property in 1799 in Amsterdam, Montgomery, New York, United States. Frederick Duryee was assessed on his house and farm.

Ancestry.com, Frederick Duryee, Montgomery, Amsterdam, 1799. Folder 1, sheet 2. House and Farm; Real estate: 625.50; personal estate:129, taxes .75

Ancestry.com, Frederick Duryee, Montgomery, Amsterdam, 1799. Folder 1, sheet 2.
House and Farm; Real estate: 625.50; personal estate:129, taxes .75

Frederick moved his family to Cayuga county and bought land near Owasco Lake. The homestead passed to his sons, with whom he lived at the time of his death. He died on 15 Sep 1832 at the age of 77.(There is some dispute as to the date- some sources provide the year 1831, and also the month is reported at times to be December).


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