Hello and Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to participate in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge by Amy Johnson Crow again for 2018.  I participated in this challenge in 2015 and found having the weekly theme prompts were very helpful to get me writing.

According to Charles Pope’s “Pioneers of Massachusetts..”, Edward Winn was a carpenter/builder from Broughton, England brought over by Barnabas Davis in 1639.  He arrived in New England with his family, including wife Joanna, daughters Ann, Elizabeth, and son Joseph.  He likely first lived in Charlestown and the first record of Edward in New England is found in the records of that town.  In 1640, at Charlestown, he was among a group of 32 signers of the “Town Orders” for the newly formed town of Woburn.

In 1641, Edward’s son Increase was the first recorded birth in Woburn’s town records.  Edward was made a freeman in 1643 at Woburn, Massachusetts Bay Colony.  He is found in town records throughout the following years until his death in 1682.


As one of the signers of the first town orders, and a founding inhabitant, Edward helped to start the town of Woburn.  His descendents, Jonathan Bowers Winn, and son Charles Bowers Winn, are credited with the start of the Woburn Public Library.

My Relationship to Edward Winn:

Edward Winn (1599 – 1682) 9th great-grandfather

Joseph Winn (1635 – 1715)

Josiah Winn (1674 – 1735)

Joseph Winn (1722 – 1799)

Mary Winn (1746 – 1807)

Aaron Bourne (1780 – 1845)

Benjamin Bourne (1819 – 1894)

Benjamin A Bourne (1851 – 1910)

Clara Jane Bowen (1874 – 1899)

Frank Serviss (1890 – 1948)

Viola Serviss (1926 – 1990)

Me 🙂

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