War Memorial: World War I Winchester, Massachusetts

Statue Portrait

At the intersection of Main Street and Mystic Valley Parkway stands a monument to honor the men and women who served the cause of the war.

To the Men and Women 

Of Winchester

Who Served the Cause of

Humanity and Justice

In the World War

Monument inscription

Inscribed in the monument are the names of the eighteen Winchester men who gave their lives:

These Men Gave Their Lives

Andrea Barbieri   

Fred Nichols Brown

Bartley Clancy

John Corbi

Mahlon W Dennett

William J Donahue

Mario Figlioli

William M Glendon

John Gironda

Frederick W Grant

Joseph H Hefflon

Frank Dana Kendall

Stuart C Lane

Augustus Leonard

Charles H Lynch

Edward McFeeley

William J Noonan

Chester R Tutein

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