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DNA Drabbles

on March 14, 2016

Where in the world, and who in the world, do I come from?  That is one of the big questions in genealogy.  Geographically at least, DNA testing has helped me answer part of that questions.

After testing with the Family Tree DNA, 23 and Me, and Ancestry DNA it’s pretty clear I come from Europe.  To be more specific- Western Europe.  Though the results were not the same, they were very consistent among the testing services.



23and Me Ethnicity Results


Family Tree DNA origins

Ancestry.com DNA


Other miscellaneous factoids my DNA testing has revealed:

My eye color is likely brown- but I can see that in the mirror!

My parents were not blood related to one another.

My husband and I are related to each other only by marriage, not by our DNA.

23 and Me also has given me some pretty interesting health data (I tested before the FDA dispute).

Ancestry has given me a “new ancestor discovery”.  I do not know yet how or if this person fits into my tree, but am still looking to find out!

Fast caffeine metabolizer: “drinking coffee didn’t increase subjects’ heart attack risk”  Thats truly a good thing to hear!


2 responses to “DNA Drabbles

  1. Cool you had the test Karen, it costs a lot of money to have it done here, I guess it would bust a lot of myths for me…..or not?


  2. Luanne @ TFK says:

    Hah, so much of the info isn’t that valuable, but then I do like to get DNA matches where we can find our connection.


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