Week 34: Non-population: Remson Serviss

The week 34 prompt from Amy Johnson Crow again focuses on census records:

Week 34 (August 20-26) – Non-Population: While we’re on the subject of special census schedules, have you found an ancestor on a non-population census — agriculture, industry, manufactures,  or 1890 Union veterans? Tell us about him or her.

The 1865 New York State census, agricultural schedule, gave a wealth of information about my farmer ancestor John W Hall, written about in my Week 5 submission, plowing through.  It was the first non-population schedule I had found and it was a gold mine of information.  John had also ended up on the 1875 NYS census death schedule.  Both of these are referenced in the week 5 post.

Since the special schedules topic did not give me anybody new to write about, I have to go off topic for the 34th ancestor entry.

Remson Serviss was not found in any non-population schedules. In fact, Remson was non-enumerated in some of the population schedules where he “should” be found.

Remson on was born about 1869 in Brooklyn, New York, son of Hiram and Maria Serviss.  Birth certificate index entries  have been located for some of Remson’s siblings, however, registration compliance seems to have been spotty and I have been unable locate a certificate for Remson. Research is ongoing to find the church and baptismal records.

Remson is enumerated as a child in 1870 with Hiram and Maria, in 1875 with Hiram, and after Maria’s death with Hiram and Emma in 1880.

In 1889 Remson married Clara Jane Bowen.  In the 1892 census Clara is enumerated with her mother, stepfather and siblings.  Due to the destruction of the 1890 US census, 1892 NYS census would have been the only time to locate Remson and Clara as a family.  Remson is no where to be found. Additionally, he is absent in 1900 as well.  (Clara had died in 1899).

Remson is found in the household of his older brother, Frank in (NYS census) 1905. He is listed as a boarder, his son was listed as nephew to the head of household.

Remson died in Brooklyn in 1909.  He is buried at Mt Olivet Cemetery.


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