Week 32: One of 32: Sophia Trigg

Week 32 (August 6-12) – 32. For Week 32, let’s focus on one of your 32 3rd-great-grandparents. (If you’ve already written about all of them — first, congrats on identifying all of them! — consider writing about one of their siblings.)

The women in my tree are often much harder to find information about than their husbands.  Sadly, they often exist only in vital records and census.

In week 2, I wrote about my 3rd great grandfather, James Wombwell.  His wife, my third great grandmother, was Sophia Trigg.  A Sophia was baptized 17 April 1825, daughter of James and Ann Trigg. (Ancestry.com, “London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 {database-online},” http://search.ancestry.com, accessed 2010.) While it is unclear if this is the correct Sophia, the marriage of Sophia to James Wombwell in 1842 provides that her father’s name is James.Snip20150109_53

In addition, the 1851 UK Census for the James Wombwell family provides that Sophia’s age is 25, which would give her a birth year of 1826 +/- about a year.

Sophia is listed in the birth records and baptismal records of her children.

In 1854, at the young age of 28 years, Sophia Wombwell died.  She is buried at Abney Park Cemetery, London.


3 thoughts on “Week 32: One of 32: Sophia Trigg

  1. Hello, I don’t know you – but I found this post by googling my own name – Sophia Trigg. My family is from Gloucestershire area, with a few people living in London and other areas throughout the years. I wonder if there is a relation! Either way it is strange to know that someone existed that shared my name. I live in Burlington, Vermont USA. My dad and his family came over from England in 1967. I wish you well with your blog and research. Thanks for making my day!


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