Week 19: There’s a Way: Frederick Andrew McGlynn

When looking at the prompt “There’s a Way” from Amy Johnson Crow at the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, I turned my thoughts to an ancestor who had made his or her way from one land to another.  I’ve mentioned Frederick McGlynn in the Week 16 post about his wife, Alice McGlynn.  There I focused on Frederick’s changing last name, and life with his family.  That has proved to be a challenge when looking for records of his life before marriage.

On the marriage record of Frederick and Alice in 1896, Frederick Parsons lists both of his parents names as unknown.  As of yet, I have not been able to make any progress in finding those names.  He was born about 11 Nov 1864 in Brighton, Sussex, England.  This was reported by Fred in both his marriage record and the same date was given for his naturalization petition papers.  I have not found likely hits in the FreeBMD index for England for Sussex.


Frederick found his way to America on the ship Veendam, leaving Rotterdam 29 September 1892, and arrived at New York 12 October 1892.  That is what the naturalization petition asserts.  The ship Veendam did indeed leave Rotterdam about that date and arrived at New York 13 Oct 1892.  That part does seem plausible.  The ships passenger list for arrivals on that day seems unusually light- the previous voyage listed over 1900 passengers, the arrivals on 13 Oct 1892 were just under 150; no Frederick McGlynn nor a Frederick Parsons was listed on the ships manifest.  So was the list incomplete? Or did he get the day wrong?  Could he have arrived as a stowaway on that passage?

However he arrived, and whatever name he used, Frederick found his way to America, probably in 1892, certainly by 1896.  He applied for naturalization, and became a citizen in 1917.



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